Sunny Jim Mackay of Uralla - "Best Batsman in the World"

Sunny Jim Mackay of Uralla – “Best Batsman in the World”

Official Opening to be re-scheduled! “Sunny Jim Mackay”, a new exhibition curated by Kent Mayo tells the amazing and tragic story of this Uralla resident and it is astonishing. Tickets will be available soon for the official opening of “Sunny Jim…

Phillip Pomroy's 'Death of Thunderbolt' Painting Series

Phillip Pomroy’s ‘Death of Thunderbolt’ Painting Series

Phillip Pomroy About the Artist As a young lad in Wingham, Phillip Pomroy was inspired by the works of Tom Roberts. Roberts’ famous “Bailed Up”, depicting Captain Thunderbolt’s hold-up of a stage coach at Paradise Creek near Inverell, made a dramatic…

The E. H. Barnden Collection

The E. H. Barnden Collection

In the Depression of the early 1930’s, people came up with ways of amusing themselves and lifting their spirits. Ernest Henry Barnden used the kitchen table in the family’s slab cottage as a workbench. With the tinsnips, pliers and a…

Corporal Cecil Stoker

Corporal Cecil Stoker

This collection proves that it’s quite okay for a museum to steal important things for the benefit of itself and to the public, a principle espoused for centuries by such august institutions as the Vatican Museum and the British Museum….

It's Just Not Cricket

It’s Just Not Cricket

This is a classic example of why curators should not consume copious quantities of red wine when planning an exhibition. Then again, perhaps they should. A quote: “Bizarre! That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a museum in…

Trickett's Triumph

Trickett’s Triumph

Australia’s First International Sporting Champion. On display in McCrossin’s Mill Museum is a superb marble obelisk, which was installed on the grave of Edward Trickett, an elderly gentleman who had come from Sydney to Uralla to visit his son. They…

New Gold Mountain ...        The Chinese At Rocky River

New Gold Mountain … The Chinese At Rocky River

The Chinese artefacts from the Tingha Joss House were purchased by the Society in 1983. The original exhibition, called New Gold Mountain – Chinese at Rocky River was originally curated by Michael van Leeuwen in 1982, revamped in 2000 by Kent Mayo…

Tribute to the Anaiwan

Tribute to the Anaiwan

Indigenous Collection This rich collection of local indigenous artefacts is supplemented by a night scene diorama presenting the pre-contact existence of the traditional Anaiwan people…..

Captain Thunderbolt Exhibition

Captain Thunderbolt Exhibition

McCrossin’s Mill Museum houses the definitive collection of artefacts connected with the legendary bushranger, Captain Thunderbolt, Fred Ward. Thunderbolt … life and legend exhibition was designed by Peter Tonkin of 3 D Designs and professionally constructed. This was done with…