PICTURE PERFECT.... Generous gesture by artist Phillip Pomroy

PICTURE PERFECT…. Generous gesture by artist Phillip Pomroy

 Our “Death of Thunderbolt” paintings collection 

by highly regarded regional artist, Phillip Pomroy, is one of our Museum’s most popular displays, attracting coach groups and others from far and wide for many years. 

Pomroy became fascinated by the legends surrounding the life and death of “Thunderbolt” the bushranger, and as a young lad was inspired by the works of Tom Roberts. Robert’s famous “Bailed Up” painting, depicting Captain Thunderbolt’s hold-up of a stage coach at Paradise Creek near Inverell, had a dramatic and long-lasting online essay writer impression on the young Phillip

On the top floor in the “Thunderbolt, Life and Legend” 

exhibition are two more of Phillip’s works. 

Recently, out of the blue, came a most generous offer

Phillip wants to create one more painting, as a donation, to complement these two paintings upstairs. 

After a lively discussion with Museum Director Kent Mayo, Phillip came up with a delightful concept. 

One of Thunderbolt’s most irksome pastimes was stealing the mailbags from coaches. He’d take the cash, cheques and whatever other valuables were within, but he’d also take newspapers bound for isolated settlers. 

Fred Ward wasn’t the ‘bookish’ type, but his partner and often accomplice, the educated Mary Ann Bugg, raised his literary skills by sharing the newspaper articles with him, particularly if they were about the exploits of Thunderbolt

Phillip Pomroy is conjuring up a scene of Mary Ann and Thunderbolt engrossed in a newspaper and, with their three young daughters, depicted in the glow of their camp fire. 

* The images depict only a section of each painting.